iOS 18 WWDC 2024 Is Tomorrow. Here’s What We Want Now for user apple

Apple’s about to preview iOS 18

Looking ahead to Apple’s WWDC 2024, it’s usually a safe bet to expect a showcase of the latest developments in iPhone, Mac, iPad, and Apple Watch software. However, this year’s event seems poised to deliver more than just the customary software preview. Anticipation is building for a potentially groundbreaking keynote address as CEO Tim Cook kicks off WWDC on Monday, June 10 at 1 p.m. ET / 10 a.m. PT.

Leaks suggest Apple will put AI front and center at WWDC 2024, showcasing cross-platform features. The iPhone, running iOS 18, is expected to take center stage, potentially gaining the ability to generate AI-powered summaries for web pages, texts, and notifications. Other rumored features include AI transcriptions for Voice Memos and AI-generated emojis. Apple may leverage OpenAI’s ChatGPT to enhance its AI capabilities..

In addition to iOS 18, expect to hear about watchOS 11macOS 15 and updates to both tvOS and visionOS during WWDC. Yet, it’s the iOS 18 update — and by extension, iPadOS 18, since the iPad software will gain many of the same features — that I keep turning back to.Phones are my focus, so understanding Apple’s iPhone software plans is crucial. Despite numerous rumors about new features, I still have questions about the iOS 18 preview this week.

Leaked information suggests AI will be a major focus at WWDC 2024. Apple is reportedly prioritizing AI across its platforms, focusing on the iPhone and iOS 18. Rumored AI features include summary tools for Safari web pages, text message conversations, and notifications. There’s also talk about highly requested AI-assisted transcripts for Voice Memo recordings, as well as new emojis generated by AI. Apple is reportedly collaborating with OpenAI and ChatGPT for AI development.

As we eagerly await the WWDC 2024 live stream, there are several burning questions surrounding the upcoming iOS 18 update. As Monday’s keynote approaches, we’re keeping our fingers crossed for exciting announcements from Apple.

“What do you think will be the most significant AI-driven transformation at Apple?”

In addition to the summary features mentioned earlier, iOS 18 is expected to introduce a wide range of AI capabilities. This includes features such as auto-generated playlists, advanced filtering, as well as suggested writing prompts in Pages and deck formats in Keynote. Among all these updates, Siri is anticipated to undergo the most significant AI-driven improvements.

Reports preceding WWDC indicate that AI and expansive language models will make Siri more intelligent, responsive, and conversational. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman highlighted that Siri in iOS 18 will grant users more control over specific actions within apps, such as deletion, editing, and summarizing. Initially, these capabilities will be available in Apple’s built-in apps before extending to third-party apps. Furthermore, Siri’s enhanced functionality will include the ability to perform multi-step tasks, although this feature may not be available immediately.

I wonder if the WWDC keynote will shed more light on the details of the revamped Siri. Gurman suggests new features, like third-party app support and complex Siri requests, may not be available until next year. This implies advanced Siri tasks might not be available at iOS 18’s fall launch. Apple has a history of introducing features in later updates, even for minor improvements.

I hope Apple clarifies the Siri timeline at WWDC. Labeling Siri and AI features as a preview suggests Apple views its digital assistant revamp as ongoing.

What kind of device will I need to use the new AI capabilities in iOS 18?

I currently own an iPhone 12, and based on the rumors about iOS 18 device compatibility, it seems likely that I will be able to get the iOS 18 public beta on my phone in the weeks following WWDC. The big question now is how many of the features in iOS 18 will be accessible on my phone or any other older model.

Rumors suggest only iPhone 15 Pro, 15 Pro Max, and new iPhone 16 models will fully support all iOS 18 AI features. It’s unclear if this is limited to on-device AI or includes all AI enhancements planned for iOS 18.

iOS 18’s AI features may rely on cloud servers for older iPhones (XR to 15), raising performance and privacy concerns. This seems preferable to excluding AI from older devices, but may make iOS 18 less appealing to users not upgrading to iPhone 15 Pro.
Gurman’s recent column suggests that meeting the AI processing requirements will likely necessitate owning an iPhone 15 Pro or one of the new models released this year. For iPad and Mac users, models with at least an M1 chip might be required.

Apple typically doesn’t specify which iOS 18 AI features will work on specific devices, leaving users to discover this themselves during previews. Given the update’s significance, Apple should explicitly state feature availability per device.

“Are there any updates from Apple that focus on features other than AI in this upcoming release?”

The iOS 18 discussion has centered on AI, overshadowing other potential changes. With AI compatibility potentially limited on older iPhones, users may wonder about alternative enhancements.

Early iOS 18 rumors hinted at an interface overhaul, now possibly including greater home screen customization with free placement of app icons.

Users may also be able to modify app icon colors for better visual organization. This could appeal to users like my wife, who already organize apps by color.

iOS 18 redesigns Control Center and Settings. Control Center gets new widgets, shortcuts, and a new interface for connected devices. Settings will have improved search for specific controls, especially useful for smart home users.

iOS 18: A New Dawn of Apps at WWDC 2024?

Tech enthusiasts eagerly await WWDC 2024, where Apple is expected to unveil iOS 18. The burning question is whether iOS 18 will introduce revolutionary new apps that redefine our interaction with Apple devices.

Dreams Unleashed:

  • Limitless Personalization: Imagine apps that truly understand your needs and preferences, adapting their appearance and functionality to your unique desires.
  • Awe-Inspiring AI: AI-powered apps that provide intelligent recommendations, automate tasks, and predict your needs.
  • Seamless Collaboration: Apps that empower you to connect and collaborate with others effortlessly, whether it’s for creative projects, work endeavors, or simply having fun.
  • Immersive Entertainment: Apps that deliver richer, more captivating entertainment experiences, from breathtaking games to high-quality content streaming.

Whispers from Cupertino:

Rumors of exciting new apps set to debut in iOS 18 have already begun to circulate. Some of the most intriguing include:

  • A More Holistic Health App: Apple is reportedly expanding the scope of its Health app, integrating data from various sources to provide a more comprehensive picture of your health and wellness.
  • Enhanced Productivity Apps: Popular apps like Pages, Numbers, and Keynote are expected to receive significant upgrades, with new features boosting your efficiency and creativity.
  • Mind-Blowing Augmented Reality Apps: ARKit, Apple’s platform for augmented reality app development, continues to evolve rapidly.