Computer Laptop Maintenance Service

46 sec read provide Computer Service / Laptop Service which includes hardware service, cleaning your laptop from viruses, dust and dirt, installing software, installing OS, Office, Games, data backup and others.

Every work we do is guaranteed and we have equipped it with supporting devices. We also sell laptop and computer accessories.

In addition, service at our place has varying prices depending on the damage suffered by your computer / laptop, while service costs do not include replacement of spare parts (if there is damage to hardware) and technician transport costs (if you want service visits to your place).
Our Services Include:
• Computer CPU / Laptop / Notebook totally dead
• The computer restarts itself unexpectedly
• Computer Blue Screen Appears
• Computer Will not turn on
• The computer only displays the Logo
• Computer hangs
• Slow computer
• The computer has a virus
• Data Backup
• Upgrade Hard drive, OS, Office
• Install additional applications
• Bios problem / Battery replacement
• Your fan does not turn on
• Upgrade Processor, Casing, Monitor, LCD
• Troubleshooting Hardware
• Troubleshooting Software
• Computer Maintenance

We have collaborated with many related parties such as offices, factories to individuals. We do our best so that customers feel satisfied with our service. There is no need to worry because we serve cheap but not cheap Computer Service, we always prioritize satisfying service for every customer as well.


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