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Samsung annually hosts two Galaxy Unpacked events: one in spring showcasing new Galaxy S phones and another in summer highlighting foldable devices. With the January event wrapped up, attention turns to the upcoming Summer 2024 Unpacked.

Calling all tech enthusiasts! Samsung is making changes and bringing forward the highly anticipated Galaxy Unpacked event to Spring 2024. Why the change? Samsung wants to make sure their groundbreaking innovations get the spotlight before the world’s attention turns to the Paris Olympics.

Get ready, tech aficionados! The summer of 2024 is heating up with the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event. The rumor mill is buzzing with excitement, and we’re here to give you the inside scoop on what Samsung might have in store for us.


We expect Galaxy Unpacked to happen in August. Samsung revealed the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 at the 2022 event on August 10 after the Summer Unpacked event on August 11, 2021.

Samsung has been changing up its events. The mid-January Galaxy S24 launch event was the first Unpacked in a while. Last year’s summer Unpacked was moved to July 26 to showcase the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5.

There are talks that this year’s event might be even sooner. A Sammobile report from April 2024 revealed that Galaxy Unpacked Summer 2024 will occur on July 10. Samsung aims to launch its products before the July 26 Paris Olympics, which it sponsors. Renowned leaker Evan Blass confirmed the July 10 date by leaking a countdown clock that Samsung is preparing to post online.

Samsung hasn’t said anything about the summer 2024 date for Galaxy Unpacked. We expect them to announce it in mid-June.


Samsung throws big events called Unpacked twice a year. They switch between New York and San Francisco. But last time, they shook things up by doing it in Seoul, South Korea, close to they’re based.

Gossips are going around that there might be another Unpacked happening in a different country. Some think Samsung may spill the beans in Paris on July 10th, based on a report by Sammobile.

Looking back at past launches, it’s likely that foldable phones will steal the spotlight at the next Unpacked. Yet, Samsung probably won’t only focus on the latest Galaxy Z Fold and Flip models.


Samsung Galaxy S25: The Galaxy S series is synonymous with pushing the boundaries of smartphone technology, and the S25 is poised to continue this legacy. Anticipate revolutionary camera capabilities, processors that blaze through tasks, and groundbreaking features that will redefine your smartphone interactions.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 6:

The next evolution of foldable phones, the Galaxy Fold 5, is rumored to captivate with a sleeker design, a more robust hinge mechanism, and immersive displays. Could this be the foldable phone that finally conquers the mainstream?

Samsung will most likely introduce an updated version of the Galaxy Z Fold 6, their flagship folding device. The greatest mystery surrounding Unpacked is the potential number of Fold models.

Design Evolution:

  • Sleeker, lighter, and more pocketable: The Z Fold 6 is rumored to have a refined hinge for smoother, more durable folding, and a more scratch-resistant display.

Display Brilliance:

  • Immersive Display: The Z Fold 6’s larger, brighter main display is rumored to have a 120Hz refresh rate for smoother visuals. The under-display front camera maximizes screen space.

Unrivaled Performance:

  • The Z Fold 6 is rumored to pack the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor for lightning-fast performance, plus ample RAM (up to 16GB) and storage (up to 1TB).

Photography Prowess:

  • The Z Fold 6’s rear camera system is rumored to boast a triple-lens setup, featuring a 50MP main sensor, a 12MP ultrawide lens, and a 10MP telephoto lens with enhanced zoom capabilities. This powerful combination promises to capture stunning photos in any lighting condition, even in low light.
  • Under-Display Selfie Camera: The front-facing camera could be a 4MP under-display sensor, offering a more discreet and immersive selfie experience.

All-Day Power and Beyond:

  • Larger Battery: A larger battery, possibly 4400mAh, is anticipated to provide all-day power, even with heavy usage. This means you can stay connected, productive, and entertained throughout your day without worrying about running out of juice.
  • Faster Charging: Faster charging capabilities are expected, allowing you to quickly top up your battery when needed.

S Pen Integration:

  • Enhanced Productivity and Creativity: The Z Fold 6 is rumored to offer improved integration with the S Pen, allowing for more precise input, note-taking, drawing, and other creative tasks. This could make the Z Fold 6 a powerful tool for productivity and artistic expression.

The Price of Innovation:

While official pricing hasn’t been announced, rumors suggest that the Galaxy Z Fold 6 could start around $1,899 for the base model, with higher-end configurations potentially costing more. This is in line with the pricing of previous foldable models, reflecting the cutting-edge technology and premium features packed into these devices.

Galaxy Z Flip 6

Guess what? Whenever a new Galaxy Z Fold model shows up, you can bet a Galaxy Z Flip won’t be far behind. Word on the street is Samsung might drop the Galaxy Z Flip 6 at Galaxy Unpacked 2024. They’re rolling out their latest foldable device that’s giving off some serious flip phone vibes.

Design Evolution:

  • Sleek and Compact: The Z Flip 6 is expected to retain its iconic clamshell design, but with a few refinements. Rumors suggest a slimmer profile, a more durable hinge, and a wider range of eye-catching colors.
  • Larger Cover Display: One of the most exciting rumors is a significantly larger cover display. This could make it easier to check notifications, take selfies, and even perform basic tasks without having to unfold the phone.

Display Delight:

  • The Z Flip 6’s main display is rumored to measure around 6.7 inches, slightly larger than its predecessor. Its Dynamic AMOLED 2X panel, boasting a 120Hz refresh rate, promises vibrant colors, smooth scrolling, and an immersive viewing experience.
  • Upgraded Cover Display: The cover display could be as large as 3.4 inches, a significant jump from the previous model. This would make it far more functional for quick interactions and information at a glance.

Performance Boost:

  • The Z Flip 6 is rumored to boast a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor for snappy performance, 8GB of RAM, and 256GB or 512GB storage options.

Camera Enhancements:

  • Improved Sensors: The camera system is rumored to be upgraded with a 50MP main sensor and a 12MP ultrawide lens. This could lead to better image quality, especially in low-light conditions.
  • Enhanced Selfie Experience: The front-facing camera might also see improvements, with a higher resolution sensor and better software processing for more flattering selfies.

Battery Life and Charging:

  • The Z Flip 6’s slightly larger battery, potentially around 3700mAh, promises all-day power even with heavy usage. Faster charging capabilities will also get you back up and running quickly.

The Price of Style and Innovation:

While official pricing hasn’t been announced, rumors suggest that the Galaxy Z Flip 6 could start around $999 or slightly higher for the base model, with the 512GB model potentially costing more. This would put it in line with the pricing of its predecessor, the Z Flip 5

Galaxy Ring

Samsung teased the Galaxy Ring, a competitor to fitness trackers like the Oura Ring, at January’s Unpacked event. More details are expected at the upcoming summer Unpacked, building anticipation for its launch.

Design and Form Factor:

  • The sleek and minimalist Galaxy Ring, crafted from premium materials, will come in multiple sizes for a comfortable, all-day fit.

Health and Fitness Tracking:

  • Packed with sensors, the Galaxy Ring is rumored to track heart rate, sleep, body temperature, and blood oxygen, providing personalized health insights and recommendations.

Smart Features and Connectivity:

  • The Galaxy Ring seamlessly integrates with Galaxy devices, controlling music, notifications, and payments with simple gestures. It may also integrate with Bixby for voice commands.

Battery Life:

  • Long-Lasting Power: Rumors suggest that the Galaxy Ring could offer impressive battery life, potentially lasting up to a week on a single charge. This would make it a convenient and reliable companion for everyday use.

The Price of Innovation:

While official pricing hasn’t been announced, leaks suggest that the Galaxy Ring could be priced between $300 and $350. This would place it in a similar price range to other premium smart rings on the market. There are also rumors of a potential monthly subscription fee for certain features or services.

Galaxy Watch 7

Samsung smartwatches often get the spotlight with foldable phones at summer Unpacked events. Gossips hint at a July reveal for the Galaxy Watch 7, promising faster speed and sturdiness.

Design and Display:

  • Sleek and Stylish: The Galaxy Watch 7 is rumored to feature a sleek and minimalist design, with a focus on premium materials like titanium or stainless steel. It’s expected to be available in multiple sizes and a variety of colors, with interchangeable bands to match your personal style.
  • Larger, Brighter Display: The display is rumored to be slightly larger than its predecessor, offering more screen real estate for notifications, apps, and watch faces. It’s also expected to be brighter and more vibrant, making it easier to read in sunlight.

Health and Fitness Tracking:

  • Comprehensive Sensors: The watch is expected to be packed with a variety of sensors, including those for heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen (SpO2) monitoring, sleep tracking, body temperature measurement, and potentially even blood glucose monitoring.
  • Advanced Health Insights: Samsung is likely to leverage its expertise in health tracking to provide users with detailed insights into their overall well-being. This could include personalized recommendations for sleep, exercise, and stress management.

Smart Features and Connectivity:

  • The Galaxy Watch 7 seamlessly integrates with Galaxy devices, controlling music, notifications, and payments. It may include Bixby integration and optional cellular connectivity for phone-free use.

Battery Life:

  • Longer-Lasting Power: Samsung is rumored to be working on improving battery life, potentially offering up to two days of use on a single charge. This would be a significant improvement over previous models.


While official pricing hasn’t been announced, leaks suggest that the Galaxy Watch 7 could start around $350 for the base model. Prices could increase for models with cellular connectivity, larger displays, and premium materials like titanium. There are also rumors of a potential monthly subscription fee for certain features or services.

Galaxy Book 4 Edge and Galaxy Book 4 Edge Pro

Samsung is reportedly in the works of developing another addition to their Galaxy Book series – the Galaxy Book 4 Edge. This new device, rumored to come in 14- and 16-inch variations, will be powered by the Snapdragon X Elite chipset. The promise is groundbreaking – double the CPU power and only a third of the battery drain compared to other laptop options available in the market.

A Design That Turns Heads:

The Galaxy Book 4 Edge is a visual masterpiece, with its sleek aluminum chassis, diamond-cut edges, and minimalist aesthetic. It’s a laptop that’s as much a fashion statement as it is a productivity powerhouse. And with its ultra-thin and lightweight design, you can easily take it with you wherever you go.

A Display That Dazzles:

Open the lid, and you’ll be greeted by a stunning 3K AMOLED display that’s bursting with vibrant colors and deep blacks. Whether you’re editing photos, watching movies, or simply browsing the web, the Galaxy Book 4 Edge’s display will immerse you in a visual feast. And with its 120Hz refresh rate, scrolling and animations are buttery smooth, making every interaction a joy.

Performance That Exceeds Expectations:

Under the hood, the Galaxy Book 4 Edge is powered by the Snapdragon 8cx Gen 3 processor, which is designed to deliver exceptional performance and power efficiency. This means you can breeze through demanding tasks, multitask with ease, and enjoy long battery life without sacrificing performance.

A Keyboard That’s a Joy to Type On:

The Galaxy Book 4 Edge features a full-sized keyboard with comfortable key travel and a responsive trackpad. Whether you’re typing up a report or coding a new app, you’ll appreciate the keyboard’s tactile feedback and ergonomic design.

A Battery That Lasts All Day:

With its large battery, the Galaxy Book 4 Edge is designed to keep up with your busy lifestyle. You can expect all-day battery life on a single charge, so you can work, play, and create without worrying about running out of power.

The Price of Premium:

The Galaxy Book 4 Edge is a premium laptop, and its price reflects that. The base model starts at around $1,499, with prices increasing for configurations with more storage and memory.

Galaxy Buds 3 and Galaxy Buds Pro 3

Wearables & Beyond: Samsung is also likely to unveil new wearables, earbuds, and perhaps even a few surprises that will leave us awestruck. Get ready for the latest in wearable tech that seamlessly integrates with your Galaxy ecosystem.

A Design That Fits Like a Glove:

The Galaxy Buds 3 are rumored to boast a more ergonomic and comfortable design, ensuring a secure and snug fit for hours of listening pleasure. These earbuds are expected to be smaller and lighter than their predecessors, making them even more discreet and comfortable to wear.

Audio That Transports You:

Prepare to be immersed in a world of rich, detailed sound. The Buds 3 are rumored to feature larger drivers and improved audio processing, delivering a wider soundstage, deeper bass, and clearer highs. Whether you’re listening to your favorite music, podcasts, or audiobooks, the Buds 3 promise to bring your audio to life.

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) That Silences the World:

Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life with the Buds 3’s rumored advanced ANC technology. This feature is expected to block out unwanted noise more effectively than ever before, allowing you to focus on your audio without distractions.

Crystal-Clear Calls:

The Buds 3 are also rumored to feature improved microphones and call quality, ensuring that your voice comes through loud and clear, even in noisy environments. Whether you’re on a conference call or chatting with friends, you can expect crisp and clear communication.

Battery Life That Keeps Up with You:

Say goodbye to battery anxiety. The Galaxy Buds 3 are rumored to offer extended battery life, potentially providing up to 8 hours of listening time on a single charge. The charging case is also expected to provide additional charges, ensuring you have enough power for even the longest days.

The Price of Premium Audio:

The Galaxy Buds 3 are expected to be priced competitively with other premium wireless earbuds on the market. Rumors suggest a price point of around $169 to $199, depending on the features and configuration.

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