Apple Intelligence may spark renewed interest in iPhone, but upgrades are imminent RIght Now

As Apple announced Apple Intelligence at the 2024 WWDC, most users need to upgrade to iPhone 15 in order to experience its functions. Only these machines equipped with an A17 Pro chip from Apple can use Apple Intelligence.Will the rush for Apple-Intelligent devices bring a wave of iPhone upgrades this year?Different opinions may exist.Will the attraction of Apple Intelligence bring a wave of iPhone upgrades?Different opinions may exist.

At least not for the near future; Gartner’s director of research Tuong Nyguen is still aways away from making up his mind.

“Though important, the features of Apple Intelligence aren’t what drives people to change phones or change environment,” he said.

Although Apple’s entry into the smart phone may rekindle interest in iPhone 5, research on improvements is already under way

What the iPhone will be like with Apple Intelligence

Regardless of immediate plans to purchase an iPhone 16, AI will undoubtedly shape the future iPhone experience and drive smartphone innovation.

Nyguen quotes Arthur C. Clarke to explain why companies like Apple are pushing for AI features on their phones, claiming that modern technology is no different from magic.

“The smartphone will be around for over two decades from now. Users have become desensitized to the amazing benefits of smartphones, according to Nyguen. AI revitalizes this experience, making the device “magical” again through intuitive interactions and contextual understanding.

That description certainly fits Apple Intelligence. While Apple Intelligence is available on all its platforms, many early features seem tailored for the iPhone.

iPhone users can utilize Rewrite in Mail, Notes, and Messages, which can offer alternative wording and tones, while a proofreading feature will check your grammar. Summaries appear in various apps, along with alerts that highlight essential information.

In addition to its AI-powered writing tools, Apple Intelligence makes significant investments in image creation. You can build your emoji, or Genmojis, with text prompts, as Apple refers to them. Additionally, an Image Playground tool allows you to create photos to share in Messages quickly. Memories is a new feature for the iOS 18 Photos app. It will enable you to organize your photos into collections with custom background music and chapters using text prompts.

The most notable aspect of Apple Intelligence is a redesign of Siri.Siri is set to become more intelligent, capable of handling specific tasks within apps and understanding context for combined instructions.

That’s what Popal of IDC is anticipating. She believes the most promising Apple Intelligence feature is the emergence of a “life-like” assistant from Siri, a currently underutilized tool. Popal suggests that if Siri demos succeed, we might get an assistant capable of cross-app tasks and contextual awareness, potentially leading us to an “app-free” world.

Apple Intelligence outlook

Apple Intelligence features on the iPhone 15 Pro models will be labeled as previews, suggesting Apple wants to manage user expectations about their initial capabilities.It may also clarify why Apple Intelligence alone is not the reason for the decline in iPhone upgrades this autumn.

“AI is a popular, but often a confusing term… especially among consumers,” Nguyen stated. The more intriguing query is ‘why’ customers should be interested in artificial intelligence on their phones. I hypothesise that it’s the magic that artificial intelligence (AI) brings to phones, which has the power to restore the wonder of these everyday objects.”

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