Top deals for Meta Quest 3 Get more and get Asgard Wrath 2 for free right now!

Even if virtual reality (VR) may not be as spectacular as we all thought it would be ten years ago, it has gone a long way and has gotten even more accessible in recent years for those who want to give it a try.

The affordable Meta Quest 3 is a prime example of modern VR headsets, unlike pricier older models. It doesn’t require a powerful PC, making it even more appealing. We’ve gathered top VR headset deals, including the Quest 2, offering fun and powerful experiences at lower prices.

Today’s top offers for Meta Quest 3
With Asgard’s Wrath II, Meta Quest 3 (128GB) costs $496.

Purchase the 128GB Meta Quest 3 at Amazon or Best Buy, and you’ll receive a copy of Asgard’s Wrath II and other benefits. In this sequel to one of the most critically praised VR games, you’ll be fighting gods and monsters in an epic action role-playing game, employing unique weaponry and battle techniques. A pair of wrist-strapped Touch Plus controllers are included with the VR headset.

Six months of Quest+ and Asgard’s Wrath II cost $650 for Meta Quest 3 (512GB).

Meta Quest 3 512GB

Best Buy is accepting preorders for the Meta Quest 3 512GB model, which costs $650. Along with Asgard’s Wrath II and two Touch Plus controllers, it also includes a complimentary six-month trial of Meta Quest+. This virtual reality subscription service gives you access to two VR games every month. The VR games you get from the program are usually $8 a month, and you can play them for as long as your subscription is current.

Is it wise to purchase Meta Quest 3?

headset’s robust Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 CPU allows for fluid gameplay, fast load times, and realistic graphics.The Meta Quest 3 features a complex camera-tracking configuration that enables advanced mixed reality, rather than eye tracking. Furthermore, when the Meta Quest 3’s battery runs out, it takes two hours to fully charge using its 18W power adapter.On average, it can run for 2.2 hours on a single charge. The Meta Quest 3’s new Touch Plus controllers run on AA batteries and include an IR sensor and AI algorithms.

The Meta Quest 3, while pricier than the Quest 2, outperforms it in every way. It boasts better visuals with pancake lenses, improved mixed reality through color passthrough, 30% higher resolution, double the GPU speed, and 40% louder sound.

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