Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 may not have this important feature

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 

The recently approved Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 in the U.S. has sparked some buzz. Surprisingly, the upcoming foldable phone may be missing a crucial feature found in the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. This unexpected development has certainly caught the attention of tech enthusiasts.

According to SamMobile, the phone’s FCC document does not include Wi-Fi 7 certification. Similarly, the FCC certification for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 also lacks this feature. Wi-Fi 7 represents the latest advancement in Wi-Fi technology, offering faster data speeds compared to Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 5. Furthermore, it boasts lower latency and increased capacity, promising smoother video streaming, improved gaming, and enhanced AR/VR experiences.

Good news! The absence of Wi-Fi 7 support in the new Samsung phone may not be a big issue after all. It’s important to note that for Wi-Fi 7 to work, both the mobile device and the connected router must support it. Unless you recently bought a new router, your home likely can’t handle Wi-Fi 7 yet.

This week, another leak about the Galaxy Z Fold 6 surfaced. IceUniverse shared an image on Thursday that supposedly compares the current Galaxy Z Fold 5 with its upcoming successor, the Galaxy Z Fold 6.. The comparison indicates that the new phone will have a wider design than its predecessor. Additionally, the image reveals that the Galaxy Z Fold 6 will feature sharper screen corners.

Samsung will likely unveil the Galaxy Z Fold 6, Galaxy Z Flip 6, and Galaxy Watch 7 at their upcoming Unpacked event in Paris, coinciding with the Summer Olympics on July 27. We anticipate a global rollout of these new products shortly after the announcement.

This year, we might see the launch of two versions of the Galaxy Z Fold 6, with a possible Ultra model in the lineup. The standard model is expected to be the more budget-friendly choice in this premium smartphone series. Currently, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 starts at a price of $1,800.

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