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Apple’s AI statement yesterday was, if less is more, both understated and implicitly, enormous.

The key theme of Apple’s much-awaited AI fiesta was the power to eliminate stuff from your life, even though you can use AI to make your emojis, find the perfect image for a presentation, or transcribe phone calls. Furthermore, I’m not discussing condensing millennia of human inventiveness into an iPad. The AI version of Cupertino, Apple Intelligence, feels more like a Marie Kondo for your iPhone than a Picasso artwork, and it arrives at a time when the internet clutter issue is at an all-time high.

Apple CEO Tim Cook attends a panel discussion with Craig Federighi and John Giannandrea during the annual developer conference event at the company’s headquarters in Cupertino, California, U.S., June 10, 2024. REUTERS/Carlos Barria

The poison and the remedy

Besides organizing replies and prioritizing emails, it helps you respond more concisely. AI can also prioritize, summarise, and customize the invasive alerts that bombard your iPhone’s lock screen to be less interruptive.

Fighting against the outside influences clamouring for our attention is not the only thing to do. Use AI to turn your content chaos into a smooth movie. With prompts like “Leo’s fishing adventure with a big catch,” Memory Mode organizes your photos and videos into a seamless film..

Let me stop you right there if it seems dismissive: I want every single one of these features. Coupon codes and subscription increase notices abound in my untidy inbox, like everyone else’s. And it’s only the start of the daily deluge of digital information that most of us deal with. Add group texts, reminders, and beeps from smart devices, and it’s clear we need AI to manage notifications. The 13th low battery alert or a flight schedule change can easily get lost in the noise.

We’re grateful to Apple for providing us with the necessary AI technologies. The irony that AI is both the upstream sewage plant that releases the wastewater lapping at its shores and the levee that shields us from the rising river is difficult to ignore.

Take a peek at Google. Because scammers are flooding Google Search with low-quality AI information, the search engine giant launched AI Overviews a few weeks ago to help users sort through the detritus. “Let Google do the Googling for you” is not a modern take on the classic Xzibit meme but a true tagline. Because so much content is available to us, we need content to advise us on what to consume.

Greedy companies looking to use artificial intelligence are jamming Google’s pipelines with garbage. I am not immune, though, nor are you. Artificial intelligence will seep into our private conversations as simple AI tools multiply. Using AI-powered writing tools, Apple demonstrated how to create a poem for a housewarming invitation.

Adorable. However, it’s difficult to ignore the possibility that the AI-generated poetry is precisely the garbage that someone else would use AI to weed out when they only want to know what time the pasta salad is due to arrive.

For what purpose will we ultimately use AI? It appears to be a lot like both. And if past events are any guide, nothing unusual or alarming exists.

It’s up to us

AI will be what we as customers make of it, just like any other technology. Do you recall the glory days of Angelfire and GeoCities, when anyone could suddenly create a website? Even while I now find those animated “under construction” signs endearing, they were a complete jumble. Using whatever crude tools we could find, we made our mess.

Early AI created an internet garbage storm, partly due to Big Tech’s rushed introduction of new technologies. Before the internet could become truly useful, we needed better tools like Google. Many companies are now hastily applying AI to everything, resulting in gimmicky products from founders who seem more focused on showcasing capabilities than delivering value.It’s unsettling to behold. We’ve also witnessed a few very remarkable revolutionary.

Although Apple hasn’t perfected its approach, it has been the best at creating AI tools with definite goals thus far. I hope more businesses take note and work with us to move this technology past the hype of and into something that will actually be useful. Because we’re already following a trail of avaricious corporations looking to extract as much profit as possible from it, regardless of how cautiously some of us choose to utilize its wonders. And a large mop will be required.

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