At Best Buy, the new Microsoft Surface Pro 9 is discounted by $330

Some excellent alternatives to the MacBook Air are significantly less expensive than you might think if you like the concept but want to be separate from the Apple ecosystem. The Surface Pro 9, effectively Microsoft’s response to the MacBooks, is a fantastic example; it’s a high-end tablet and laptop combined into one that’s thin and feature-rich. Even better, you can purchase it for just $770 instead of the ordinarily exorbitant $1,100 price, saving you $330.

Reasons to purchase the Surface Pro 9

Weighing only 1.94 pounds and measuring just 0.37 inches thick, the Surface Pro 9’s lightweight design is a significant factor in its popularity. In terms of size, it is comparable to the MacBook Air. When you consider that the Intel Evo Platform Core i5, a mid-range processor quite close to the identical desktop PC version, powers it, it becomes even more astounding. This implies that you get a lot more power out of the laptop overall, and it should handle most of your productivity and day-to-day tasks without any problems. You can squeeze in a little gaming and creative work.

Another major plus is the included, excellent keyboard. It’s detachable, letting you use the 13-inch Surface Pro 9 as a laptop comfortably, similar in size to a 12.9-inch iPad Pro.. The main drawback is that given that it runs Windows 11, the 8GB of RAM is small. However, this is optionally a deal breaker. The 256GB of storage is different, though it should be plenty for most people. You can always pick up one of these external hard drive offers if you need more.

The Surface Pro 9 is a great portable laptop with decent power, now discounted to $770 at Best Buy. For a more traditional laptop or larger screen, check out other laptop deals.

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